At Westerham Eye Care, we think we are good at providing glasses that look good and feel great, but we also think that most glasses wearers would enjoy having contact lenses as well. Even if you love your specs, you'll still appreciate the excellent peripheral vision that you'll get with contact lenses . Also, contact lenses don't steam up when you open the oven door or slide off your nose when you exercise or get wet when it rains. For "contact" sports wearing contact lenses means you'll avoid damaging your glasses or having your glasses damage you.


The choice and range of contact lenses is now huge and these pages outline the options. What is best for you will depend on a number of factors.  Physical factors include the size and shape of your cornea, the strength of your prescription, the quality of your tear film (the film of water at the very front of your eye) and the health of the surface of the eye.  Other considerations are how often you want to wear your lenses, how much cleaning you want to do and, inevitably, how much you are prepared to spend.


We fit disposable and custom-made lenses in both soft and rigid materials. Custom-made lenses tend to be used for high prescriptions and unusual eye conditions such as keratoconus (see Eye Conditions). Finding the right contact lens for you requires expert professional advice and skill, and that is where an appointment with one of our optometrists is invaluable.  Please contact us if you would like to make an appointment.


Prescriptions for contact lenses and glasses are different. Contact lens prescriptions require specific information which does not appear on prescriptions for spectacles. If you choose to see an optometrist outside Westerham Eye Care, you will need to ask for a copy of your contact lens prescription.