Until recently, spectacle lenses were a compromise. Everyone wore the same lenses for work, relaxation, recreation, and even sports. But now everything has changed as Westerham Eye Care can provide you with lifestyle lenses and lens treatments designed specifically for everything you do…driving, computer work, fishing, golf, outdoor activities, close work, reading and hobbies. These lenses and lens treatments can help you see and function better, enhance your appearance and provide ultimate visual comfort and safety in both your lenses and frames.

Single Vision Lenses -  Single power lenses


One prescription all over the lens



 Comfortable vision at one specific distance, like distance or reading

 Easy to use


Progressive Lenses - No-line Bifocals


No unsightly lens lines

Smooth, continuous clear vision at all distances

No bifocal vision jumps


See better and look younger

Most natural, comfortable vision

Ideal for first time and present lined bifocal eyeglass wearers


Occupational Lenses – Computer and reading


The power varies between middle distance (computer) and close distance (paper, book)


Much wider field of view for those tasks than you would get with regular progressive lenses.

Very easy to get on with


Bifocal Lenses – Distance and reading


Two-power lenses designed for two focusing distances

Visible dividing line


No distortion

Large semi-field of view

easy to get use to