Is your face shaped like an oval? Are you square-jawed, round-faced or is your face heart-shaped? Determining your face shape is a great place to start when looking for a pair of well-fitting glasses.


Square-Shaped Face

Square-shaped faces are typically proportional in length and width and characterized by a strong jaw line, a square chin and a broad, deep forehead.

Round or oval glasses are recommended to soften and add contrast to angular face shapes. Round frames help to create curves and soften square faces, minimizing angles and lengthening the faces. Frame shapes should be more horizontal than vertical.



                                                For Women:          Cat's Eye, Oval, Semi-Rimless, Sunglasses

                                                For Men:                Oval, Semi-Rimless, Sunglasses


Round-Shaped Face

Round faces have equal width and length and are characterized by soft curves.


Round faces and are best suited by angular glasses for more balance. In particular, rectangular-shaped frames make round faces look slimmer. Horizontal frames and frames with higher temples help to lengthen a round face.


                                                For Women:          Geometric, Rectangle, Sunglasses
                                                For Men:                Geometric, Rectangle, Sunglasses




Oval-Shaped Face

Oval-shaped faces are the easiest to fit and are characterised by balanced proportions, a narrow forehead and jaw line, a chin slightly narrower than the forehead, and usually high cheekbones.


Oval-shaped faces can usually wear any shape of frame but because oval faces typically have smaller features, it is important to find frames that are proportionate. We will try a variety of shapes, starting with rectangular or butterfly, to find your best fit.




                                                For Women:          Butterfly, Cat's Eye, Geometric, Rectangle, Sunglasses
                                                For Men:                Butterfly, Geometric, Rectangle, Sunglasses


Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces are characterized by wide foreheads, narrower jaw lines, high cheekbones and a narrow chin.


Butterfly, Round and Cat's Eye shaped frames help to balance a heart-shaped face. Frames that are wider at the bottom are recommended to offset a narrow chin and glasses with low temples add balance. Heart-shaped faces should avoid frames that are decorative or wider at the top.


                                                For Women:          Butterfly, Cat Eye, Round, Sunglasses
                                                For Men:                Butterfly, Round, Sunglasses